Hair Loss Treatment


Best Hair Transplant in Pune at Affordable Cost

Today hair loss is one of the biggest problems that people are going through. It is not genetically trouble anymore! People who have healthy hair growth since birth are also suffering from this problem. The adulterated food, stress and other emotional and psychological problems are reasons for the hair loss. This is why best hair transplant in Pune have become so popular in contemporary times. There are many clinics which offer the best hair transplants in Pune but we are one best when one talks about cost. Before we discuss facts about this method, let us tell you why best hair transplant in Pune is the best method to cure hair loss.

Why Best Hair Transplant in Pune?

The main reason that people should choose this method over any hair restoration method is the best results and outcome. Hair transplant in Pune is done so naturally that there is no chance of hair looking artificial in any manner. The other methods to restore hairs, unavoidably display some kind of artificial look. This is the topmost reason that hair transplant is embraced so much!

Why We are Best Hair Specialist in Pune

We are not limited to one type of hair transplant treatment. We have the categories in this as well. Not, many know that there are many hair transplant methods and a person can choose according to the method which best suits him/her. We provide the best advice as we have free consultation service. Before going through any treatment, our dermatologist & staff do a thorough research on the patients' case! Then according to that, they advise on the treatment method to the patient. Nowadays, Many hair transplant methods have gain acceptance. We adopted techniques that works and are available at our clinics. This is why we are the most preferred and best hair transplant in Pune. Below is a little brief about both these methods.

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

In this method, none of the strips of tissue is removed. Each and every follicular unit is taken directly from the hair scalp. After this, hair follicles are removed. This is done in a random fashion. The main advantage of this is that the density is very less in the donor area. In fact, it is not even noticeable. This method has faster healing time and there is no requirement of stitches as well. Moreover, there will be no scars as each hair is removed individually. The very tiny puncture marks heal themselves naturally and automatically. One cannot even notice them after 4-6 weeks of the treatment.

Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT)

Here in this method, a small strip of scalp is removed. This is put in the donor area of the scalp. The tissue is removed from the area from the back of the head. The very intricate method is used for harvesting the hair follicles from the strip. This is done by the expert clinical team. After doing this, they are very carefully transplanted in the donor area. This is the modern technique in which much of the grafting is possible in the single session. This method is also preferred as the physician is able to use the full scalp donor area.