Privacy Policy

Privacy issues are taken very seriously at our platform. We maintain our privacy policy and lay a great emphasis on them. Privacy policy answers many questions to the clients. Do read them carefully.

Privacy Related To The Website

We allow some adds to be featured on our websites. These adds may or may not contain links to other websites. But in any case, we are not responsible or have any incorporation in our medical services with these sites. If the user wants to use the services that are offered through these third-party platforms, it does not comes under our responsibility. No complaints regarding any third party platforms would be looked after by our people in any case.

The site is for informational purpose. We do not encourage any self-diagnosis. You can take advise from the specialists in homeo[athic healthcare before giving a nod to any of our services. Please do not disregard any information about a health condition which is not provided on our site.

What Do We Do With Your Personal Information ?

The sole purpose of the clinic for taking and sharing your personal (health) information is to provide you with the best health service. For skin treatments, hair treatment, hormonal imbalance cure etc we need to understand and analyze many intricate things. This is why your personal checkup is done and we keep this information in records.

What Else We Collect As Personel Information?

Whatever we collect as a personal information is directly or indirectly related to your health only. Some of the important ones are briefed below.

Medical History

This we ask so that if there is any genetic disorder in your health system, we can look into the matter and help you.


To solve your problem in a full-fledged manner, we need to know what type of medications you have been taking or have taken in the past.

We also take the details of other health providers. Sometimes, patients come to us after changing their doctors. But we need to examine what they have done in the treatment process before we start our own for better results.

Why Do We Disclose Personal Information..?

We only disclose the information to technology providers. For example, if we hire some medical equipment (in case we do not have them) then we need to show the platform why we are doing it.

It is very important to involve the experts when a clinical platform is dedicated to providing the best service. In this case, sometimes we need to incorporate health specialists who are not from our own clinic. In such a case, we need to disclose the personal (health) information.

Government companies always return all the payments to their employees after their treatment is over. For this, we need to disclose bills and information about your treatment to such platform so that your money reaches to you.

In case of disputes, we use the personal information to show the truth and credibility from our side.