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If you have any doubts regarding the information given at our site, or if you are unable to understand any medical term, please take the advice from any physician.

The site does not at all advocates any self-medication practices. Do not ever try any self-medication methods as we would not be responsible for any such thing.

Do not ever ignore any other medical advice or information which you receive from doctors which are not written on this particular site.


Clients are welcomed and encouraged to give their advice. This means that we are open to change if we find that there is something that we can improve in terms of the services for our clients.

You can complain via mail and our attendees will attend you.

The confirmation of complaints will be given within 48 working hours.


The changes could be done any time on the website and no prior information regarding this will be provided. Homeo Care Clinic holds full right to discontinue the site. Moreover, we also have the right to upgrade the site at the time we feel the need to do it. At such time, the site could be temporarily out of service.


Payment should be done prior to the service. In case of late payment, the additional charge would be added to the payment.


We take no guarantee and responsibility regarding the links which are present on our own website. If the client chooses to opt for any services from these websites, it is completely their own responsibility. No complaints regarding any fraudulent and scams regarding any third party would be in any case would be treated by us.

No complaints regarding any fraudulent and scams regarding any third party would be in any case would be treated by us.


We have the best team of doctors in skin care, hormonal imbalance and for all the other treatments we provide. Even after this, it may happen that the treatments from our clinic may not bring positive results to the clients. In such a case, we will not be responsible as we do not give 100% guarantee of the desired results. Some of our treatments like hair weaving involve minor risk factors. We will proceed only after signing an agreement with the clients.


If you agree to avail our service, then it will be automatically understood that you have agreed to adhere to our terms and conditions. We put a great emphasis on people to first read the terms and condition on the website before saying yes to any of our services or help. The information given on the website may malfunction. This is rarest of rare cases and we do not hold any responsibility regarding this. Please consult a good doctor before taking any advice from our website.